Heart of the Theatre

February 6, 2023 • 7:30PM

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The annual Heart of the Theatre is The Ensemble’s celebration and appreciation event recognizing our growing community of supporters who represent the heart of our thriving programs. We honor and express our sincere gratitude towards our community partners, collaborators, subscribers, patrons, volunteers, and sponsors for without whom we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our artistic vision and mission.

The King Cole Legacy Experience

This year, the Heart of the Theatre featured a special presentation for subscribers and the entire community!

The King Cole Legacy Experience is a contemporary listening landscape, that revisits, relives and reimagines the combined musical repertoire of the late great Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole. Horace Alexander Young (vocals/saxophone) as Nat and Laura Jane Jones (vocals) as Natalie, have created an unforgettable night and will take you on trip down Route 66 with this “living nostalgic atmosphere” honoring the past.

Horace Alexander Young and Laura Jane Jones are members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 65-699. This event is brought to you by The American Federation of Musicians local Houston Chapter, The Ensemble Theatre, and The Music Performance Trust.

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