Beat Box: A Raparetta

May 14, 2020


Written by Dan Wolf

BEATBOX: A Raparetta is a modern dramatic musical production written and performed in rhythm and rhyme with vocal drumbeats (beatboxing), hip hop dance and a live DJ! The play is soaked in the beat and the heat of hip-hop culture. It provokes a sense of desperation held at bay. The powerful rap rhymes are built from equal parts of anger, hope and the constant threat of violence. The focus is on the lives of two stepbrothers and the circumstances that begin to pull them apart as they navigate through loss, jealousy, poverty, and dreams.


PG-13/ Drama / Regional Premiere

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The Ensemble Theatre
George W. Hawkins Main Stage

  • Previews: May 9, 10, 18
  • Opening Night: May 14, 2020
  • Runs: May 14th - June 7th
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