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The Ensemble Theatre Touring Education Program

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Anansi and the Talking Melon
by Eric A. Kimmel                                 
Directed by Adrian Porter

Anansi loves to eat melons but, he is too lazy to grow his own so, he eats the antelope’s melons. When the antelope picks up the melon to eat, Anansi is inside because he has eaten too much and can’t get out.  Thinking quickly, Anansi acts like the melon is talking and the antelope believes it. Thus begins the hilarious journey of the antelope and a few friends to show this amazing “talking melon” to the King!

The Rosa Parks Story
by Jonathan Blum                        
Adapted and Directed by Adrian Porter

The life of Rosa Parks and her actions in civil rights is beautifully detailed in her own words. After she refused to give her seat to a white man on a racially segregated bus after a long day at work, she was jailed. Her example and treatment prompted a bus boycott as a major civil rights demonstration in Montgomery, Alabama; it lasted 381 days from 1955 to 1956. This amazing production explores her background and indicates the issues in the segregated society of Alabama and the South. 

Appropriate for grades 5-12

Wiley and the Hairy Man

Directed by Adrian Porter

Set deep within a mysterious swamp, this spine-tingling yet funny play centers around a young fatherless boy, his conjure-woman Mother, his faithful hound dog, and the Hairy Man who haunts Wiley's days and dreams. Through rhythm and rhyme, a Chorus creates the mystery of the swamp. The magic of this play is not fairy dust -- it is soil; the magic of the earth and mud of the swamp; the magic of survival. In an exciting duel of wits, Wiley learns to rely upon his own resources and conquers two villains; the Hairy Man and his own fear.
Appropriate for Grades K-5

Uncle Remus’ Br’er Rabbit
Adapted by Ensemble Theatre founder George W. Hawkins from the original Joel Chandler Harris story.

A fun-packed combination of African-American folklore and American popular culture, Br’er Rabbit is family entertainment that focuses on the Golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Appropriate for Grades K-4

A Raisin in the Sun
by Lorraine Hansberry                                              
Staged by Adrian Porter


Let The Ensemble Theatre’s professional artists serve as the ultimate Teacher’s Assistants. We will work hand in hand with you to explore the sounds, language and overall beauty of Lorraine Hansberry’s true American classic like never before, in the art form of reader’s theatre. Your students will be able to better understand the relevance and connection of Langston Hughes’ poem DREAM DEFERRED in this moving drama about securing one’s dignity within a system that discriminates against, even enslaves its racial minorities.

Appropriate for grades 6-12


I,Barbara Jordan
Written by
Celeste Bedford Walker
Directed by Eileen J. Morris

I, Barbara Jordan celebrates the remarkable life and career of the eminent Texas orator, legislator, and teacher. Tracing Barbara Jordan's journey from her childhood in Houston's Fifth Ward neighborhood through her election to the United State Congress, I Barbara Jordan introduces students to a legendary Texas politician who was a model for the power of perseverance.

Appropriate for grades 5-12

By Patricia Clapp
Directed By Adrian Porter

1920s Harlem, a hardhearted toymaker refuses to sell any of the toys that have been made but, magic has made them almost like real children and they want to escape the workshop and have fun with other children. Now the toys are in revolt against the toymaker, and when they find a jar of hearts, they pin one on the toymaker, Zowie-the heart does its stuff!

Appropriate for grades K-12



To Book Now, Contact:
Adrian Porter,
Tour Education Coordinators

Office: 713-807-4317
Fax: 713-520-1269

Mainstage Tour Education Performances

Special mainstage performances are available for school groups and assisted living senior communities. These performances are usually scheduled on a Wednesday morning at 10:00am

Sassy Mamas- October 12, 2016

The First Noel- December 14, 2016,

Mahalia- February 15, 2017

The Nacirema Society- April 12, 2017

Front Porch Society - March 31, 2017

Simply Simone- July 19, 2017

Touring Show Prices

  • In House Single Performance • Limit 350 • $600.00
  • In House Back-to-Back Performances • Limit 350 • $750.00
  • Away Single Performance • Limit 400 • $750.00
  • Away Back to Back Performance • Limit 400 • $895.00

To Book Now, Contact:

Adrian Porter
Tour Education Coordinator

Office: 713-807-4317
Fax: 713-520-1269